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The Challenge


A major challenge for the school continues to be finances. The school has limited regular income and yet opens its doors to children from the lowest income groups. The school does ask for Rs2,000 to Rs3,000 per year from those parents, who have some means, to cover books, materials and some of the expenses. Basic costs, such as most teacher and staff salaries, maintenances, nutrition expenses, and some essential equipment and repairs are met by Auroville’s Unity Fund, but it is only about half of what is required to run the school properly and to keep up the strong momentum towards continuous improvement.


The remainder of the school’s expenses are met entirely from donations from well-wishers across the world.



If you are interested to help to make a real difference in the lives of the children we invite you to make either a single or regular donations to the school.

There are many ways to donate to Auroville, depending on whether you donate from inside or outside India and whether or not you require income tax exemption. You may also donate online. 


Go to and choose the way that is suitable for you. Regardless of your choice please be sure to write to with copy to explaining that your donation is for Aikiyam School.



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