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Innovation & the School Today

Art Class
Science Fair
Itty Bitty Spider
Splatter Painting
Republic Day 2014
Open House
Republic Day 2014
Tia's Art Class

Aikiyam School has a rare innovative approach within the educational system of India. As an outreach day-school under the Sri Aurobindo Institute of International Educational Research (SAIIER), Aikiyam explores many innovations in education while also offering the requirements for further studies. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliation means it is entitled to issue a recognized school transfer certificate after the eighth grade so students may pursue further education elsewhere if they wish.

Teacher Training is a big feature of the school. Throughout the winter season the school benefits from visiting volunteering educational theorists and trainers offering a variety of workshops and seminars. Many of Aikiyam's teachers attend. Aikiyam (NCBS) has been particularly fortunate to have on its management team (the Support Group) the retired co-chair of the Department of Education at Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire, USA, from December to March each year. 


The school’s programs cover all of the standard academic subjects, as well as computer training, physical education, dance, crafts, carpentry and tailoring, giving children a range of choices in the type of education or work they will pursue when leaving the school.

Our approach emphasizes a hands-on doing type of learning. Students are  engaged in a great variety of projects, undertake silent reading, and for the very young students, often learn through free play. 


The school also has a strong commitment to  environmental awareness, has a supplementary individualized program for children with special needs and also facilitates on-going development of bilingual speaking through volunteer teaching assistants.

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